Janella ⌿ AYAHTAH
Based in London, Raised in Jamaica, Grew up surrounded by Music , ready to create magic
Welcome to my place in space. 
Thank you for taking the time to bless my page! I truly appreciate the energy you've given me today. 
I was born in Jamaica where I was blessed with a special nickname given by some dear friends long gone to heaven now. In Jamaica the word ayahtah is a term of endearment, meaning beloved princess or daughter and Jamaicans, due to their inherent expressive nature, love to say things twice for emphasis. And so, I like to think I was called Ayahtah.Ayahtah out of simple & true love & affection! 
For most of my adult life I've been a finance professional who also happened to have a long & deep love for photography, passed on to me by my highly creative & musical parents each in their own special way.  When I moved to London it was here that I finally found my inner confidence to express myself more fully through photography, to put  my work out into the universe for anyone to see and to begin building my passion into something tangible.  
Portrait photography has come to be my favourite as I love the magic & energy created when interacting with & getting to know people. I am however open to all opportunities to create magic as I hope you'll see & enjoy here in my space.
Thank you for sharing in my journey 💫